Had enough of Harper? I have. That’s why I am running to become the federal Liberal Candidate for Beaches-East York in 2015.

"I’m a Liberal because it’s the party that shares my values, my beliefs and my dreams for a better tomorrow. Thanks to the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada and Justin Trudeau, today’s Liberal Party represents hope: hope for a better, brighter future; hope that we can once again get this country back on track and restore our reputation as one of the world’s most compassionate, inclusive and progressive societies."


Only members of the Liberal Party in Beaches – East York can choose our next Liberal candidate. It’s only $10 to join. You can do so online right here or contact us to receive a paper form to join.

Once you’re a member (or if you already are), cast your vote for Andrew! Please mark a number 1 or x next to Andrew’s name at the nomination meeting. We will be letting you know when the meeting will take place as soon as we have the details.

Andrew would love to have coffee with your friends and neighbours. Our team can help you set up a party at your home – we’ll even provide the coffee! Andrew would love to join you and hear your ideas on how we can make Canada greener and fairer.

We would love to have you join our volunteer team! Please fill out our volunteer form to get involved. We make sure that our campaign is fun, and we value your time. Andrew is routinely out in our community at festivals and meeting our neighbours and he would love your help.

Your financial contribution will make a big difference. Every donation counts and we would welcome your financial support. You can donate here. Please note that the limit on donations is $1,200 for nomination candidates. Only individuals may donate.


Filmmaker. Activist. Environmentalist.

As a Toronto-born documentary filmmaker, environmental activist and entrepreneur, my work has taken me across Canada and around the world, giving me a deep appreciation of how lucky we are to be Canadians and a profound desire to make this amazing country an even better nation for all.